Monday, November 21, 2011

Hey all you gurlz out there!! What is you're fav color of eye shadow, lip gloss and fav flavor or lip gloss??!

Like pink, purple, blue,ect and strawberry,watermelon you gurlzzz should know lip gloss and make up!!!!!!!!:-)Hey all you gurlz out there!! What is you're fav color of eye shadow, lip gloss and fav flavor or lip gloss??!
i have brown eyes, so i usually dress them up with green or lilac eye shadow; i wear a nude lip gloss, maybe with a tint of pink to it; and then i dont like it flavoured- it tends t dry out my lip.Hey all you gurlz out there!! What is you're fav color of eye shadow, lip gloss and fav flavor or lip gloss??!
MAC makeup is to die for. I love black eyeshadow cause you get that smokey effect. My fav lip gloss is lipglass from MAC. It is a little sticky but very shiny!
Clear color, strawberry flavor
pinks whites n brown eyes shadows by bourjois. n juicy tube lip gloss by lancome! mainly the pink coloured ones! x
Asian girl, so I love pinks, purples, golds and browns. Lip gloss, nude, pinkish pink. Flavor, I like those minty types that when you apply it to your lips, it's a cooling feeling. :)))
pink, pink, and my fave flavor is sugar cookie, and vanilla
i usally do like greenish-purpleish eyeshadow(i have brown eyes) but i dont put on a lot then i put on a little blush- i dont neeed to much- then a put on ually redish-pinkish lip gloss with some glittery gloss over it (my favorite brand it N.Y.C aka new york color) also i put on only a tiny winy bit of mascara on my top and bottom lashes

hope that helped :)

Lip/eye primers: necessary?

Are lip/eye makeup primes really necessary? I see people using them a lot, but I dont really understand the point. I've been putting makeup on without them for years and its gone fine lol

What do the primers do, and what effect do they really have on the final result?

:) always wondered.Lip/eye primers: necessary?
Eye shadow primers are good to help your eye shadow and liner last longer, especially if you have oily eye lids. If you have problems with it creasing after only a couple hours, definitely try an eye shadow primer.

Lip primer-I never use. I have never had a problem with lipstick staying on.

If what you are doing is working for you, keep doing it :)Lip/eye primers: necessary?
Mac primers are suppost to be the best, there are about 拢12.

they help the colour to stay on the eye longer %26amp; the makes the colour more intense.
Lip not so much. Eye is good.

Lips, eyes & yahoo! ha.?

Okay, So when i first wake up my lips are really puffy, how come? They do become small afterwards but when i like pose , they are puffy ! ? Whyy?

And , if i dont take off my eyeliner ( which i put inside my eye ) for like 3 days i get a sty?! WHY?

And to get to LEVEL 2 i need 200 points and thats it?

THANKS:)Lips, eyes %26amp; yahoo! ha.?
I used to put eyeliner on the inside of my eye too. And you really want to take your eye makeup off every night before you go to bed. If you leave it on you can get pink eye, or a sty. I've had both, from eye makeup. Your getting sty's because your eyeliner is running down into your eye when you sleep, and if you just re-apply eyeliner the next day, and don't take it off, it adds more makeup down inside the corners of your eye. Try taking your makeup off everynight.Lips, eyes %26amp; yahoo! ha.?
you need 250 points to get to level 2 and you can also start rating peoples answers

i think ur lips are puffy because u put lip balm or lip moisturizer

i think u should put eye liner when you go out and take it off before you sleep
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  • Men, do you prefer red lips or smokey eyes on women?

    Red lips. I'm more into the feminine look...

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    Lip color with Hot pink eye shadow?

    I have hot pink eyeshadow that I got from hot topic. What lip gloss / lipstick goes well with it? I have pale skin, red hair and blue eyes if that helps.Lip color with Hot pink eye shadow?
    you can do a clear, nude, or gentle pink.

    If you have bold eye makeup then try to do a subtle lip color, maybe with a bit of shimmer

    I love Mary Kate and Ashley's lip glosses from Wal-Mart


    not tested on animals

    look and feel great on.

    I bought ';Rumor'; a while ago and i love it! It's in my pocket right now

    It's a pale pink with GOLD flecks.

    Any gloss that says ';gold flecks'; I will buy.

    I also like Wet N Wild glosses. They have a really cute colors. I recommend their new Jelly Pops. I have the colors Candy Apple and Just Peachy.Lip color with Hot pink eye shadow?
    Wear really light peach lip gloss, because I think if you make one part of your makeup bold the rest should be subtle. By your description, no offense, you should probably wear some brown eyeshadow or give yourself a brown smokey eye. The hot pink wont really complement your features. I really hope this helps you.
    When using bright makeup, stick it to one feature.

    For example, if you use red lipstick, just focus on the lips and go subtle on the eyes.

    So with your hot pink eyeshadow, Do a light shimmery gloss to counteract the brightness.

    Good Luck and Bold Choices:)

    Since your going for a bright eyeshadow then I suggest nude lips. Try to balance out your eyes with pale lips so that you wont look like to overdone.

    Is going to look great!!!
    i would do either clear lipgloss. or something nude such as MAC's Myth lipstick.
    very pale almost see thru lipgloss!
    hot pink lipstick and really dark pink lipgloss/shimmer....:)

    Why does he looks at my lips and deep in the eyes wile we talk?

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